Ninja and yolandi dating

Jack, meanwhile, was acting as backup dancer and roadie for the band’s live shows, while Ninja attempted to impart life lessons to the teen.

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TV and was dating a girl by the name of Anri du Toit, later to rebrand herself as the hyper-sexual, foul-mouthed pixie rap star Yolandi Visser.

A student at the time, the 19-year-old du Toit would regularly stay on Laubscher’s farm, introducing her boyfriend Jones to the The Glue Gang Boys, with the pair striking up a friendship with member Wanga Jack and taking the teen under their wing. That’s not on.”“[Jones] used to come here and talk to us about our past and where we come from,” said one member.

"Ninja" has been renamed more often than the average street in Durban. Over the course of his career so far, "Ninja" has gone by many other names including The Man Who Never Came Back, MC Totally Rad, Yang Weapon, Max Normal, Constructus Corporation, Maxnormal. He is most commonly known in Cape Town as "Waddy", but frequently will not answer to this name. Signed to major label, Sony Music, their albums (1997) were hailed by critics as a mercurial "funkadelic jazzy hip-hop" spin on Cypress Hill's spliff-rap. Always the creative chameleon, Waddy's next conceptual makeover saw him fronting live hip-hop band Max Normal.

Long before he hooked up with Yo-landi, he exploded into the Rainbow Nation’s consciousness in 1994 fronting wigga crew The Original Evergreens.

Jack also claimed that he is owed royalties from an appearance on the Die Antwoord track as well as in the song’s controversial video.

Even more damningly, Jack claimed to have signed a contract with Die Antwoord’s then-label Interscope Records while still underage.

Aka Constructus, this super-underground crew brought Waddy as Watkin Tudor Jones together with the beat Sibot and Markus Worsmtorm. The current crew consists of Ninja, Yo-landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek (aka Max Normal. The tip: cosmic, not creepy, to "help kids - of all ages – find freedom of expression." Watch out for an edgy range of GOMMIE toys coming soon. Waddy doesn't drink alcohol, while Francois Van Coke of Fokofpolisiekar has been about 50% proof most of his adult life. Die Antwoord (is it wrong to call them DA for short?

Sibot and Markus are all also former African Dope fiends, and underground alternative icons in their own right, partnering up in The Real Estate Agents and sculpting beats for Playdoe and Sweat X respectively. Constructus was a masterpiece of design and marketing, and The Ziggurat (2002), another mall-themed album, featured Waddy playing various characters, a book illustrated by Nikil Singh, and a bonus blank CD with instructions on where to download extra songs and audio, free of charge. Fans who missed Max Normal’s more accessible sound were excited when, a reinvention of Max Normal as a corporate hip-hop crew, came to town. ) billing themselves as "a mysterious force from the dark, dangerous depths of Africa". To get into the zef-rap rave groove, Ninja and Yo-landi wrote a series of "How Can We Help" you columns for Speakerbox. Ninja also penned a series of experimental album reviews for Speakerbox. Styled as Cape Flats dwellers in the new South Africa, and performing from Mitchell’s Plein (see a video here) to Central Cape Town and blowing festivals away (see that too here), Die Antwoord quickly became huge on the trendy scene with songs like "Wat Pomp" (watch video). Always very hip to the use of multimedia, myth and legend, Die Antwoord have recently exploded on the international scene with the "Zef Side" video (instantly losing half their Cape Town fans, who don't like to share musical interests with the mainstream.) 24.

The world seems to think Die Antwoord came out of nowhere, but Ninja and Yo-landi have been familiar faces on the Cape Town streets and a big draw card at South African music festivals for years now.

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