Mysqladmin not updating privileges for

Although thousands of other users don't seem to have a problem with it, it's not working for me, apparently because of a My SQL permissions problem.The developer of the plug-in says that he can see all the necessary Review AZON tables have been added to the Word Press database, but, in his words..."What happens is that all of the inserts, updates and deletes are not being processed after the tables are created.

mysqladmin not updating privileges for-37

Once I found out you were running Inno DB instead of My ISAM I realized what the issue was.

For anyone else who maybe hosting on windows and running Wordpress on My SQL, you may find this fix helpful.

This particular server is running Inno DB as the default SQL engine instead of My ISAM.

When the plug-in creates the tables necessary to hold the product settings and other data, it uses the default engine which is My ISAM.

(The ALTER ROUTINE privilege is required to drop the routine.) The server also automatically drops those privileges from the creator when the routine is dropped.

If automatic_sp_privileges is 0, the server does not automatically add or drop these privileges.

The host Tech changing the permissions on all tables?

-OR- The plug-in developer changing the database engine?

INTO OUTFILE statements to work only with files in that directory.

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