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As the stories were handed down by word of mouth, successive raconteurs added their own compositions to what they had heard.

But the Vedas are abstract and esoteric, they are difficult for ordinary people to comprehend.

To ensure that the knowledge that is in them is properly disseminated, the Vedas must be partitioned and divided (vyasa).

These are known as satya yuga or krita yuga, treta yuga, dvapara yuga and kali yuga.

As one progessively moves down the scale, the power of righteousness diminishes and evil starts to rear it ugly head.

Parikshit’s son was Janmejaya, Janmejaya’s son was Shatanika, Shatanika’s son was Ashvamedhadatta and Ashvamedhadatta’s son was Adhisima Krishna. The shortest mahapurana, the Markandeya Purana, has nine thousand shlokas.

There are different ways to date the Kurukshetra War. And the longest mahapurana, the Skanda Purana, has eighty- one thousand shlokas. These are divided into two parts (bhaga) - a first part (purva bhaga) and a subsequent part (uttara bhaga).

Lomaharshana was so named because his recitals thrilled (harshana) the body-hair (loma) of his listeners.

Lomaharshana was the disciple of the great sage Vedavyasa and had learnt the Puranas from his teacher.

Accordingly, in each dvapara yuga, a Vedavyasa is born.

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