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Strangers meeting for the first time (off line), we are collected together and feel an easy immediate camaraderie among us, induced I think in part by the prosperous and unrepressed culture that inhabits this Nordic land.

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“My mother still hints at becoming a grandmother; how many years of girlfriends does it take to cure her of such ideas?

” Their stories are not ponderous or emotionally disturbing and their concerns are not revolutionary. These young people live in a condition of societal grace that suffuses our evening meal with relaxed, humorous, and openhearted sharing together.

She is a full time employee in the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Having spent a year in Ireland refining her English, she speaks with a charming mixed accent as she tells of her family.

Along with their academic work–Petri in interior design and Tuomas in computer engineering–they are trying to work around the apparent inequalities of the university housing policies for couples which, at the present time, don’t allow for same-sex couples.

If it is found that Tuomas has a ‘roommate’ his government housing subsidy may be reduced–instead of increased as it is for married couples.And so today throughout Helsinki and other urban centers gays and lesbians gather casually and freely in cafes, clubs, discos or at the university to plan their days and their lives without a shadow of apprehension.Crime in Finland is among the lowest is Europe and, expectedly, so is homophobia.” This is where Petri feels very validated as he begins to construct his long future.No different than any other Friday night, Hilkka and her gay boy friends collect for a drink at the Lost and Found Cafe (“a hetero friendly place”) near the center of downtown among a very eclectic mix of deco and classical architecture.Emerging from the crush and confusion of a semi-queer pubescence so enmeshed in a heterosexist social maze is a universal quandary–no different in Finland than anywhere else.

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