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There are 205 guestrooms featuring deluxe flat, standard flat and king studio equipped with a minibar, a heating system, plasma TV, wireless internet and television with satellite channels. The 4 star Moscow Holiday Hotel offers a classic accommodation with 205 rooms to stay in.Moscow Holiday Hotel is a 4-star accommodation within 7 km of Gallery A3.

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The Act directs the President to impose at least three specified sanctions against: The Act authorizes, but does not require, the President to impose at least three specified sanctions against a foreign person that knowingly makes a significant investment in a “special Russian crude oil project.” Special Russian crude oil project is defined as a project intended to extract crude oil from (A) the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation in waters more than 500 feet deep; (B) Russian Arctic offshore locations; or (C) shale formations located in the Russian Federation.

These potential sanctions are significant in that they authorize, for the first time, sanctions on foreign persons that engage in these types of prohibited activities.

With respect to replacement parts, only one replacement part can be exported or reexported to replace a broken or non-operational component. 5859, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 (the “Act”), contains several measures, including provisions requiring additional sanctions with respect to Russia’s defense sector and authorizing additional sanctions on Russia’s energy sector.

Specific licenses may be issued on a case-by-case basis to authorize the export or reexport of medical devices that are not medical supplies (and therefore not authorized pursuant to this General License) to Crimea, or to persons in third countries purchasing specifically for resale to Crimea. The Act also authorizes additional sanctions on foreign financial institutions that facilitate sanctionable activities with respect to Russia’s defense or energy sectors or on behalf of any Specially Designated Nationals (“SDNs”) in Russia.

Moscow Holiday Hotel welcomes guests to its bright rooms since 2010. The on-site lobby restaurant tempts guests with European dishes.

The property is located in Horoshovo-Mnevniki district, 7 km from NB Gallery. Nearby points of interest include a cathedral, a museum and a gallery. Offering various dining options, Azerbaijan are about 10-minute walk away.

OFAC also imposed sanctions pursuant to Executive Order 13660 on 24 Ukrainian and Russian-backed separatists and the militias or entities they lead or support.

In addition, on December 18, 2014, President Obama signed a bill, H. 5859, requiring sanctions to be imposed on certain entities in Russia’s defense sector and authorizing, for the first time, sanctions on foreign entities that engage in certain oil related transactions with Russia’s energy sector.

A gym and a fitness centre are among the on-site facilities.

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