Middlesex county court cambridge ma updating food stamps

By Karen Klinger An account of the development of East Cambridge by the city’s historical commission says land speculator Andrew Craigie played his part in 1813 by donating buildings to house the Middlesex County jail and courthouse there.By 1841, though, the commission says matters had gone awry at the correctional facility, as evidenced by “social activist Dorothea Dix (who) was outraged by conditions in the jail and began her pioneering work in prison reform.” It seems some things never change.

Leone Jr., the DA’s office and its 100-plus employees will move to a different location in Woburn, at 15 Commonwealth Ave., sometime next month.

The district court and the jail will remain in East Cambridge for the time being, as their relocation plans are finalized.

The move, prompted by the need for extensive renovation and asbestos removal at the Sullivan facility, has led many to celebrate the looming exit from the dingy and dimly lighted Cambridge confines.

But it has also raised serious questions about the accessibility of the new suburban location.‘‘ People are excited about having a building where the heat works in the winter and the air conditioning works in the summer, and you can actually open the windows,’’ said Michael A.

The Sullivan building could be seen as its uglier stepsister across the Charles River.

Among the courthouse’s vocal detractors is Cambridge City Councilor Timothy Toomey, who has called it a “white elephant” that should be razed. He said a detailed analysis of the work required to make the facility suitable for longterm use showed it to be much more involved and expensive than previously thought.If that spells the end for the courthouse, the reaction from most Cantabrigians is likely to be cheers rather than tears for a very visible building that is widely disliked, if not outright loathed.Currently, the 22-story Cambridge building houses Middlesex Superior Court and Cambridge District Court, the Middlesex district attorney’s office, and the Middlesex Jail.Only the Superior Court is moving to the Trade Center, which means a transfer of 15 courtrooms, clerks’ offices, the probation department, and the law library, among other components, Sullivan said.On July 5, inmates in the overcrowded, asbestos-plagued building that houses the current jail rioted, flooding it when they broke sprinkler heads in the fire protection system, causing at least 0,000 in damages. Di Paola said the inmates, four of whom faces charges of malicious destruction of property, had been unhappy about the overcrowding and worried about rumors that the swine flu virus was sweeping through the jail after one man among them was found to be infected.

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