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Raja ‘Abd al-Salam was the ruler of the sub-district of Kuligam, an area surrounding the town of Islamabad in Kashmir.

His family, originally from Kashmir, had settled in the region approximately fifty years earlier.

Hadhrat’s lineage reaches a certain Raja ‘Abd al-Salam Malik, who had accepted Islam at the hands of Amir Kabir Sayyid ‘Ali al-Hamdani — a famous fourteenth century Sufi scholar, who had arrived in Kashmir to propagate Islam.

Shortly before maghrib (evening) on Sunday, two elderly gentlemen carrying bedrolls arrived for E'tikaaf at the Andheri Kabrastan Masjid at Four Bungalows.

Mufti Salim Ghufran, who officiates at the mosque, watched as they settled behind a curtain that was drawn up in one corner.

Allah rewards the Mo'takif (those who observe E'tikaaf) for even those good deeds they did not perform like attending a funeral or tending to the sick." Urging more youth to participate, the mufti quotes a line from 'Mazahir e' Haq' to say that the universe prostrates before Allah Almighty in a sign of E'tikaaf. The stars, moon and sun all perform sajda," he reads.

"Ibn e' Abbas says that Allah keeps the Mo'takif away from hell by a distance of three 'khandaks'.

In Makkah al-Mukarramah, under the tutelage of Qari ‘Abd al-Rauf, who was a teacher at Makkah’s famous Islamic seat of learning Al-Madrasah al-Sawlatiyyah, Hadhrat studied the Qur’an once more, this time with tajwid.

In 1374AH/1954CE, Hadhrat enrolled at Makkah’s Al-Madrasah al-S’adiyyah, where he gained both a religious and secular education.

Mumbai: The final 10-day spell of the holy month of Ramzan began at sunset on Sunday.

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