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The majority of our canned products contain a 'Best By' date on the can.

At this time, we're unable to sell Del Monte products directly to consumers.

GMO is an acronym for "Genetically Modified Organism." This term is commonly used to refer to foods that have been derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified through the direct introduction of a gene from a different organism in a laboratory vs. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are present in Del Monte products that are labeled "Non-GMO." In 2015, we have verified on our labels that 70 of our best-selling vegetable and tomato products are Non-GMO.

Epoxy resins are used as lining on the inside of many food and beverage cans, can ends and jar lids.

Linings on the interior surface of a can make it possible for food products to maintain their nutritional value and taste, and are essential to prevent food contamination or spoilage.

The fruit, vegetables and tomatoes we use in our products have always been Non-GMO, but some of our added ingredients for sweeteners or flavorings have been sourced from genetically modified crops like corn or soybeans.

In 2015, Del Monte Foods began labeling many of our vegetable and tomato products as Non-GMO (70 products in total).

In 2016, we worked with the USDA to verify our sweet corn products as non-genetically modified resulting in the USDA certification, "USDA Process Verified Non-GE/GMO".

Del Monte is the first consumer products company ever to meet USDA’s strict criteria to qualify for their Non-GMO process verification program.

In 2016, we will be labeling all of our vegetables, fruit cups and many more tomato products as Non-GMO.

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