Lesbian dating the same sex

Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Gigi Engle.One point of this website is to have a discussion about healthy lesbian relationships.2) Lack of Societal Support Lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals that choose same-sex long-term partners, have been operating outside of the norms of family structure for eternity and have no role models or cultural support to guide them about the differences and nuances of same sex relationships and how they may be similar but also different from heterosexual relationships.

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It’s especially relevant now that we have achieved marriage equality in the United States (and many other countries).

Some data that has come out of Europe, as well as other sociological studies, have shown a consistent pattern of very high break up rates (much higher than for heterosexuals or gay men even) between female same-sex couples in live in, civil union, and domestic partnership type arrangements.

When I talk about my fleeting romance, my sister gets angry with me. What I did was messed up because I went forward with my feelings without being totally sure of them. Looking back, my actions were exactly like what ex-boyfriends have done to me. If you're going to attempt a same-sex relationship, you should first figure out if you're someone who can function in a same-sex relationship.

She laments that I'm messing up everything she's worked for and that I should shut up because I’m straight. Things burned out so quickly that there wouldn't have been a point anyway. I ruined one of the most amazing friendships I’d ever had. I was desperate for love and was willing to take it from anyone who was handing it out. What I did to Rae wasn't about sexual preference; it was about me being scared, selfish, and utterly conflicted. There is a sizable difference between having fun and screwing with someone's emotions, however unintentional.

It wasn't that they were angry -- they simply assumed it was just a phase she would grow out of.

She hasn't, obviously, and it's been a long road for my mother to total acceptance that this is the way things are going to be forever. But what happened between us has changed me, and the way I treat people I'm intimate with.

My sister is a lesbian and absolutely hates when I talk about this, especially publicly.

When she came out at 15, my parents were understanding and supportive in spite of not really understanding lesbianism or the LGBT community in general.

I think it is important for us as a community to have a discussion about these seemingly very high rates of break ups and therefore turmoil that happen in same-sex relationships between women.

It is also important for queer women whose personalities that don’t fit with a traditional monogamous marriage (and would prefer being single, a serial monogamist, or in an open relationships) to decide what is best for them and to have accurate information about their lifestyles as well.

Only time will tell how lesbian divorce rates will play out exactly now that marriage is legal in the United Sates and many other countries.

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