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January We had been married for 30 years and our lives were pretty much routine and average.

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I was delighted that she was giving the idea a second thought.

She also thought that it would be necessary for me to compose a list of things that I would be receptive to, not receptive of, or some way of letting her respectfully know that she is doing something she should not.

Who would be responsible for the household chores we split 50/50?

I would be willing to take on the chores under her direction. They may see a difference in our relationship but there is no need to involve them.

We did not talk much for the next day, I kept revising my list to include even the most blatant of fetishes that I did not think I could do.

She came to me and said that she wanted me to clean out our much cluttered smallest bedroom and try to remove everything possible out of the room. She then said that my “escape phrase was ‘Mel Brooks is a no talent shit’”.

If she wanted to do something, and I did not agree with it, I would ask if she wanted my council but she was not obliged to take it.

And if such a situation was intolerable, we would come up with a ‘punishment’ and my gift to her would be revoked.

We continued our dinner and moved on to more mundane topics leaving the discussion of my gift behind.

The next day was Boxing Day, and after we went for a run to the mall to buy some Boxing Day sale treasures, she returned to the topic of my gift. She thought that she could not just jump right into the roles and that a transitional period was required.

If that happened, we would never try this experiment again.

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