Kumkum bhagya episode 84 online dating

The show is directed by Sameer Kulkarni and developed by Ekta Kapoor.

The series started as the story of Pragya and Bulbul and their mother Sarla's hope to see them married, but as time went by, the show is about Abhi and Pragya.

On the other hand, Sherlyn reaches the house with Rishabh and wonders how to get rid of him.

The pivotal characters of this show are strong, feisty women, living together in an all-female matriarchal family.

The series stars Sriti Jha, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Mrunal Thakur, Arjit Taneja/Vin Rana as lead roles.

Initially, the series followed a love triangle between Pragya, Bulbul and Suresh, where Pragya loved Suresh, who had feelings for Bulbul, leading to Pragya and Suresh's engagement getting canceled.

Simultaneously, Abhi is a rock star in a relationship with a supermodel Tanushree (Tanu).

Tanu was supported by Nikhil himself who wanted Abhi's wealth, Aliya who wanted revenge against him and Abhi's cousin Raj, who blamed Abhi for his misfortune. Before telling Abhi, suffered an accident and was declared dead.

After one month, Pragya returned with an arrogant appearance, having a new motive of revealing her enemies and getting Abhi back.

Bhootu Online Full watch HD in Hindi , English , Tamil, Telugu .

Bhootu Full Serial Online Watch is an Indian TV series which airs on Zee TV.

Tanu on the other hand, accidentally got pregnant after a one-night stand with Nikhil.

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