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" He screamed, whilst pulling you into a suffocating hug."Bam get off me! Linde gave you a cheeky smile, and pulled the blankets away from you."I already have sweetheart. Dico still refuses to get in a plane, and Novak still isn't allowed to leave Westchester under his probation." He chuckled.

But you better hurry up and get packed too, our flight leaves this afternoon.""Me? "Oh, and Dunn and Rake have to stay behind to do something for MTV.

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Well you better get up and ready, everyone's running around getting ready and going frantic.

I think they need your help to get organized."You nodded.

Bam heard this and came running over, saving the both of you from killing each other.

So you ended up moving in with him and the others at Castle Bam, and have been living there ever since. Birds were flying around beautifully, there was a crisp breeze blowing gracefully around you. That was, until you felt your body being thrown up and down as you lay on the grass.

But Raab's really keen on finding that Russian mail order bride again, so I think he's coming.

So it's you, me the other HIM guys, Bam and Raab for the next few weeks." Linde finished, slightly out of breath from his long-winded explanation."Oh that's awesome!Discovering nobody was in the living room except for Novak who was passed out on the pool table, no doubt from last nights drinking rage, you made your way down to the pirate bar. Bam glared at everybody before turning to you."We were deciding what to pack." He repeated, quite sternly.Here you found everybody, even Ape and Phil, talking in mangled yells trying to talk over the top of one another. The others nodded quickly, in fear of getting in trouble if one of them objected."Right…" You looked at the group, who were now all staring off into different directions. Hazel has been friends with Bam for her whole life, and has lived there for two years.He decides to play match maker with her and invests the help of the guys from HIM and The 69 Eyes to set her up with Jussi. A/N: I wrote this a few years ago, so my writing has up'd in quality since. ) But I still thought I'd upload this since I have a few chapters for you :) Please read and review, it would be nice to get some feedback!Background: Born and raised in Westchester, you've lived there your whole life. You're the oldest of two; you have a younger sister Sarah, who's six. But she's a very happy little girl and you love her to bits, as does everyone else and Bam's.

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