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Godfrey-Ryan had then hoped her friend could help by speaking to Rose, but that was not the case.'He took me out to lunch and told me how embarrassed he was, how he didn’t treat me like that,' she said of Rose's response to her sharing the allegations of sexual misconduct.

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She claims to have refused that offer multiple times.

Her now-husband backed up these allegations by stating he had been told about the incidents at the time when the two were dating.

I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.'The backlash was swift for Rose, with PBS and Bloomberg announcing they would no longer air his eponymous talk show within an hour of the Post publishing their story on Monday and CBS suspending the host.

CBS also ran a segment on the allegations just three minutes into the CBS Evening News broadcast on Monday.

He came out in a robe that he left untied and yelled at her when she began to speak about abuse of power, claims the potential employee.

Rose then allegedly tried to put his hand down her pants.'By the time he touched me the first time, he was already very angry,' said the woman.

Godfrey later shared the story on her Facebook page while writing about her decision to come forward.'I do not revisit this time in my life often and I felt no need to take anyone down.

I am also in a moment of incredible highs in my professional life and feel that I am fully living out my purpose; the last thing I want or need is to attach my name to a sexual assault story,' wrote Godfrey.

One, who worked for Rose in the early 90s, said she was summoned to work the desk at his New York home, where he would shower and use the bathroom with the door open.

She claims that at one point he turned on the shower and immediately began calling her name.

Her own sex life was also a topic Rose wanted to know about claims Godfrey-Ryan, claiming he would call late at night or early in the morning, asking: 'Who’s next to you? Those incidents usually occurred after he had very publicly berated the young female employee.'It would usually entail some version of him also touching me,' Godfrey-Ryan said of her boss' apology. He’d give a hug but touch the side of the breast.' She was later fired by Rose she claims, when he learned that she had shared details of his behavior with a friend.

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