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When her relationship with Richardson flamed out, she began staying in the Palisades with John and his new wife, Cici. It was Cici Huston who would introduce her to Jack Nicholson. They began dating straight away, in an on-and-off relationship that would consume sixteen years of her life.It was March of 1977 when Anjelica headed to Jack's house to pick up some clothes.

When she told her father of her intentions, he said, "That's great, when are you going to start?

" Her parents kept their secrets close to the vest.

John's next project was a collaboration about the life of Freud with Jean-Paul Sartre. John said of Sartre, "One eye going in one direction, and the eye itself wasn't very beautiful, like an omelet.

And he had a pitted face." Sartre was constantly writing down things he himself said in conversation, and he never stopped talking. Sartre wrote to Simone de Beauvoir, "Through this immensity of identical rooms, a great Romantic, melancholic and lonely, aimlessly roams.

The boy was named Walter Anthony after John's father, and they called him Tony, after Ricki's.

John was soon cheating again, this time with a woman who was essentially Ricki Huston's double, Suzanne Flon. (One of John's exes once called him "an angel with a gun in his pocket.") Proceeds from his next picture, the popular 1953 jaunt In Ireland Huston's son Tony almost died in a horse accident, and Anjelica lost part of her finger in a lawn mower.

For a long time she did not know her father had impregnated another woman, a young Indian actress named Zoe Sallis.

When John finally decided to rid himself of Ricki, they barely informed the kids.

Our friend Huston is absent, aged, and literally unable to speak to his guests...

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