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Between 18 about 60,000 Indians were hired to work under harsh and restrictive conditions in Fiji’s sugar industry.The workers called themselves Girmitiyas, a word which evolved from the English word ‘agreement’.Until 1936 there were fewer than 1,000 Fijian-born residents, and in 1945 the number was 1,173.

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Fijians are now well represented in the professional, technical, service and retail sectors.

Others work as machine operators, assemblers, and in forestry.

A unique Indo-Fijian culture developed, which explains why many Indo-Fijians are distinct from other New Zealand Indians.

It also underlies different political and economic causes of migration. The answer depends upon how Fijian identity is defined.

Fijians in New Zealand, as in Fiji, consist of different ethnic groups.

Their ancestors come from places as diverse as Europe, China, India, Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific islands.

The Fijian government rejected Indo-Fijian volunteer soldiers during the Second World War.

Both indigenous Fijians and Europeans were concerned at the power that military training might give Indo-Fijians.

The two largest groups are indigenous Fijians (Taukei and Rotumans), and Fijians of Indian descent (Indo-Fijians or Fiji Indians).

Fiji’s ethnic complexity is a consequence of British colonisation between 18.

As a result, Fijians became familiar with New Zealand and New Zealanders, and this may have influenced immigration patterns.

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