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She becomes good friends with Guri and Seiji, despite an initial rocky start.Yuzu is also added into their harem, when Guri adds her name in the Kiss Note to Akane and Seiji's anger.She often treats her duty as a Cupid like a joke, forming almost exclusively gay couples due to her love for male romance.

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Despite this, Seiji failed to notice her to the point where it developed into animosity against Seiji, much to his confusion.

Upon discovering Seiji's newfound harem, her discontent grows further (as she would rather have him to herself).

Guri becomes fast friends with her, however, after complimenting her ability as cool and later sharing her love for male romance with Yuzu.

The sadistic, hollow, and manipulative cousin of both Akane and Yuzu.

As a result, they are all effectively immortal (But they still feel pain) and if Guri fails to do her job all the people connected to her this way will cease to exist altogether. The literal child of God and the former Lord of Hell, Mavuro.

Due to this, Guri has the natural tendency to "fall" easier than most angels.Shikimi decides to enter Seiji's school in disguise upon discovering his relationship with Akane and Yuzu.She requests that Guri add her to his harem for the sole reason of gaining the immortality/divine protection due to being partnered to Guri.While she does often attack Seiji (mostly for comic relief), she does truly love him.Akane has a habit of pulling out endless number of kukri knives hidden in her clothes to fight.She gets extremely violent (sometimes by unconscious reflex) should anyone try and steal Seiji from her, especially Guri and Shikimi.

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