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Recently there are also Nigerian scams originating from Malaysia, China, India, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, as that's where Nigerians are located since they can easily get to these countries without visas or on the student visas.

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There is also a re-shipping scam, when they will ask you to re-ship goods for them.

These goods are purchased with stolen credit cards.

What prompted TSTV In Nigeria, which is one of South African biggest markets, DSTV has been around for about 22 years.

However, the company has often been in the news mostly for ripping Nigerians off with its inflexible subscription conditions and unfriendly quality of service (Qo S) which could be attributed to its monopolistic status in the Nigerian market.

Expectations are high as the new kid on the block, Telcom Satellite TV (TSTV), promises to give popular cable operator DSTV, a run for its money.

But does TSTV have what it takes to live to its promise? With the formal launch of the Nigerian-owned cable television, Telcom Satellite TV (TSTV) on October 1, 2017, a lot of things will give.The harsh economic realities in Nigeria have prompted the initiators to share in finding solutions to ameliorate the high rate of unemployment.It was only recently that the National Bureau of Statistics released a disheartening report of the rising rate of unemployment.As the competition hots up, some Nigerians are skeptical that DSTV may be plotting a strategy that may end up boxing TStv to a tight corner; the first gainer of the tax free scheme of the federal government in the industry.But the innovation to have a home-grown digital satellite service came from a serious solution finding exploits of African Health Television, hence her official launch has been fixed for 1st October, 2017 to share in the significance of a new nation with aspirations for genuine change and development.Never re-ship anything for strangers, especially to Africa.

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