Heechul dating sohee

On one date, held on January 8th when Sohee returned from Taiwan, Dispatch captured the pair snacking on rice noodles and exchanging presents.

They also met during Christmas, where they also exchanged presents and went on a Gangnam date in Seulong’s car.

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Article: Kim Heechul, "Why can't I get a girlfriend? [ 3,714, -56] Why can't I get a boyfriend- Because you're ugly- Let's go out- I'll date this person if she gets best reply- Upvoted this just for the person above me- Date, date, date! [ 2,841, -59] Well, Kim Heechul's mindset is pretty four dimensional for the regular person to handle...3.

[ 2,651, -247] Because you're prettier than any woman4.

“All JYP artists are close friends.” Big Hit Entertainment, who jointly manages the ballad group 2AM along with JYP Entertainment, also professed to having no knowledge of their relationship.

“Seulong is in Japan for his 2AM schedules, and we are in the process of verifying the particulars,” they said.

Taecyeon shouts at Heechul: How can say this to Goddess (Yoona)? Heechul volunteers to take punishments in place of Sohee.

Anyway it was worth it to see Taec caressing Yoonas leg.

Heechul has declared his love for Sohee for so long that many assumed they would end up together one day despite Sohee refusing him time after time.

Fans sent Heechul endless pictures of Sohee while he was in Basic training last year, which of course he promtly displayed and even showed in a Twitter Pic. A few hours ago, the Korean media reported that 2AM‘s Seulong and the Wonder Girls‘ Sohee were dating.

Women only want their boyfriends to care about them and them only. [ 484, -16] If he were my boyfriend, I'd be really stressed over all the female friends he has...7.

[ 424, -7] He's the type of guy who looks like he would've dated around a lot but really hasn't8.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), their management company, JYP Entertainment, has released a statement denying all rumors of a relationship between the two idols.

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