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The Hepatitis B vaccine is a safe and effective 3-shot series that protects against the hepatitis B virus.If you do not have a current hepatitis B infection, or have not recovered from a past infection, then hepatitis B vaccination is an important way to protect yourself.What happens if you don’t have your vaccine records, and you have no idea if you ever got shot 1 or 2, and you just want to repeat the series?

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The length of time between the three shots in the series is 0, 1 month, and 6 months.

There is an accelerated schedule, but this is the schedule recommended for the shortest amount of time, with the best immune response for the general population.

Talk to your doctor if you think you might be at higher risk and need to have your titres checked.

So what happens if you go for shot one, followed by shot two in a month, but you never get to shot three?

The recommended schedule for the hepatitis B vaccine is to receive the first shot, followed in one month by the second shot.

Six months following the first shot, you should receive your third and final shot of the series.

There is a higher concentration of the HBV vaccine recommended by the CDC that is used for patients undergoing dialysis, and for those that are immune suppressed. If it has been one year or less since you completed the three-shot series of the regular concentration of the vaccine, you can try one intramuscular dose of 1.0 ml of the 40µg HBV vaccine.

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