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Now, months after the filming, Amy’s son Zach, 27, and his wife Tori have welcomed a baby son, Jackson.

And she’s still super serious with boyfriend Chris.

They will criticize you on your choice of an assistant or a sitter. There will be crazy cousins who will make threatening phone calls to you and who will even want to get physical with you because they object to you being the primary caregiver. Don’t do anything ultra-violent like MMA, because your aunt, the antagonist, will use it against you. You have to lift a fully grown adult into a bath tub. Your dog can’t counsel you, but you can learn from her.

Church is one of the few places with surviving faces.

After church, Grandma will scold you and call you a drug addict, she will call you a whoremonger, she will call you a thief. But before church and during church she will sing praises to the Most High. God is strange; and, yes, strange things, too, have a right to be real.

Amy’s pals Lisa and Deb invited 19 of their closest friends to the grandmother-to-be’s Oregon home to help her prepare for the babies’ arrivals.

In addition to gushing over cute onesies and blankets, the ladies celebrated more in the style of a Bachelorette bash.

It’s okay to cry, but do it when you’re alone and Grandma is asleep.

End your day with a long hard cry, and a teary meditation. Have friends who have lived life decades longer than you have; have friends who are of different races.

When Grandma starts to flirt with you because she thinks you’re her husband, run.

at night could just be the younger version of herself.

Since you’re great at writing, go for a low residency MFA. She watched you graduate elementary, middle school, high school, and college. You know that old White man at the laundromat on Tuesdays? You have to pray and meditate every day, and it gets tiring. Your struggle is no harder or different than mine.” Well, you can’t always get over something that you deal with daily. They whisper because they don’t want to be called racist, but you have good ears, and you hear anyway. They stop you because someone whom you look like did something illegal.

An MFA is a terminal degree, and some colleges put it up there with a Ph D. Out of all of the children she raised, you went the furthest in school. So when you graduate with a master’s, she won’t even know. He walks around opening up other people’s washing machines: “I lost a pair of blue jeans. ” Have you noticed how people laugh at him and then get pissed at him when he becomes irate? Being Black is crazy, and only Black people know how crazy it is. It’s like having a wound on your arm that’s trying to scab up but is constantly being scratched back open. And, even though you have no connection with this particular person, they will stop you anyway just to ask you about “the word on the street”—as if somehow you know. Always keep them in your front shirt pocket so you can pull them out quick.

It’s what the old timers—your ancestors—called The Blues. It’s a good and valuable thing to have a friend in your life who is going through a similar situation. Listen to all of them, and then tell your side of things. Diversity brings wisdom, and wisdom is a much needed tool in caregiving. You will be alone, and life will feel extremely confusing.

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