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William Shaw, a 21 year old Scottish man, was banned for life from a Scottish park for attempting to bone a tree. The article above states he “tried to have simulated sex with the tree while his trousers were around his ankles.” 14. Because boobs and nipples are seen as signs of fertility and sexually stimulating body parts by many cultures, some experts think it isn’t a big jump from touching and licking boobs to drinking from them. In studies, between 33 and 50% of mothers found breast feeding erotic, and only about 25% felt guilty about it. Klismaphilia There’s nothing more erotic than shooting poopy water out of your bum, at least not to Klismaphiliacs, or people sexually aroused by enemas.Gerontophilia While I certainly do love my grandmother, I would never consider hanging out with her at her retirement community in order to score with any of her neighbors. People with this stinky and intrusive fetish fantasy sexually desire the insertion of liquid into their butthole by themselves or other people.While some people that are into furry fandom defend themselves from the highly sexualized deviant portraits the media and websites like AMOG paint of their lifestyle, the strange evidence speaks for itself here and here. Eproctophilia People’s potential attraction to everything that has to do with the anus and its contents seems limitless. Nothing much more to say about this, I think the link explains it all. Coprophilia Ah, one fetish we’ve all heard of, especially from the viral hit 2 girls 1 cup.

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Compare Fanservice, Author Tract, Writer on Board, Filibuster Freefall, and Mary Suetopia.

Inversion of Author Phobia, in which the creator uses their personal dread in a work.

Asphyxiophilia You might have heard of a little hit band from the 1980s called INXS, or perhaps have seen the Kill Bill films. Both Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS, and actor David Carradine, who starred as Bill, died as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation, or intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain in order to enhance sexual pleasure.

Apparently, choking yourself to the point of death helped treat erectile dysfunction since at least the 1600s, long before the days of penis pumps and Viagra, and criminals being hanged have even been reported to having a boner and even ejaculating before kicking the bucket.

Apparently, weirdos out there aren’t after saucy GILFs because they find wrinkled skin and varicose veins attractive, but rather, revenge is their motive. One doctor in the previous link believes the person after granny might be reacting to childhood abuse or sexual sadism, and their domination over grandma fuels their desire rather than genuine attraction. Hybristophilia Little did you know when you were younger that Mary Jane Rottencrotch, that girl you were stuck in friend zone in high school because she wouldn’t date nice guys, would grow up to be a hybristophiliac, or is sexually attracted to violent individuals who have committed violent or gruesome crimes. Not only do many websites exist that hook up interested women with the incarcerated, but hybristophilia is also know as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome” because sweet girl Bonnie Parker fell for the dangerous criminal Clyde Barrow. They get erections when receiving enemas from doctors.

Well known murderers who found women to love them while they were locked up include “The Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez (who murdered 13), the charismatic Ted Bundy, who was found guilty of 30 murders, and man rapist and murderer John Wayne Gacy. Here is a great how to guide by someone in the know to have safe enema play. Autogynephilia Now, when you tried on your girlfriend’s panties before lovemaking and then imagined yourself as a woman, you would love autogynephilia, or being aroused by the thought of a man being a woman.Interestingly, with of Author Appeal can be easy to produce work for, if the rarity of such works sufficiently balances out any faults with the work itself.Sometimes Author Appeal nets you not only people with similar interests, but people on the receiving end of those interests who may be flattered to be an object of an author's/fandom's affection.Since several hundred foot tall women are in short supply, most macrophiliacs indulge in their fetish on tthe internet, the haven for all things deviant, where they turn normal sized women into giants.Clinical psychologists think it’s a response to being dominated by an overbearing mother, and substitute normal intimacy for fantasy. Agalmatophilia You might have heard recently about Roxxxy, or perhaps of some similar type of doll from Japan, who besides not only being a sex robot, is also equipped with artificial intelligence.Contrast Playing to the Fetishes (the former name for Fanservice) when it seems like the author is acting out a personal fetish but is in fact just playing to a niche demographic. If a writer's early work contains obvious Author Appeal, and their later work doesn't, this may overlap with Old Shame. See also Write What You Know, which can be similar to and overlap with Author Appeal, but is when the author writes about something because they know about it rather than any particular personal attraction.

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