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They may be rare in North America, but travel to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and parts of Europe, and you will quickly be introduced to an experience or two using a squatter.

Popular tourist destinations will tend to cater to the Western traveler with hotels and expat locations installing the sitting style toilets.

Just remember to do what you do in accordance to the local criteria.

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Throw one in your purse because when you get to a squat toilet with no coat hooks and a dirty floor, you're going to want a place to hold the stuff on your body without getting in the way of “business”. Hand Sanitizer Hand sanitizer is kind of a no-brainer.

This is always in my bag — even when I'm not traveling. Ziploc Bag A Ziploc bag is for the times there is no trash can in your toilet, and you're in a country where you can't flush paper.

To make a long story short, she convinced us that we could actually do it, especially since a novel that she'd prodigiously written as a teenager was really accelerating in sales and was becoming something of a hit.

Once that decision was made, the choice to extend an invitation to Sam seemed obvious, at least with our new financial resources. Although she was very scientifically minded, she did have one irrational fear: claustrophobia.

In my Woman's Guide to Using Squat Toilets, I lay out some of the facts, questions and tips I’ve acquired concerning squat toilets and the female traveler.

Squat toilets are actually quite prevalent around the world.

Once I shared that tale, they opened up about Kara's sister's van, in which they had both peed on the seats due to the sister having an exceptionally quick and effective cleaning solution. "It's not a private vehicle or some weird experiment! But you just said there's a good chance that you'd sooner wet yourself than use the lavatory.

At that point, the three of us had exchanged pointed looks as our mental gears turned almost in sync before directing a collective gaze at Sam. " Her unconscious adjustment of her slim glasses had betrayed her curiosity, however, since I recognized it as a habitual sign of fascination. Well, if you do, some of it is bound to soak through, so it's almost inevitable that some part of the plane will get wet anyway.

If you know you will be traveling in areas with squat toilets, it is best to have these items with you at all times. Toilet Paper Toilet paper is just not a necessity in some cultures.

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