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This peace was broken one day, however, when I was walking with Mum around the corner, past the local shops.

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I wanted to leave, but Mum insisted we stay, saying I was being paranoid and selfish.

Anyway I couldn't go and leave her around these bastards.

She even let one lad stick a beer mat between her tits, and it didn't even fall out, such was the tightness and plumpness of her cleavage. ", they yelled, and the brassy slags around us yelled for it too. She showed her amazing skill at tassel twirling, making one swirl a separate way to the other, and all kinds of things! She'd wiggle her bare foot sexily and lick her lips, then flick the stocking off her toes!

My cock throbbed as her round firm breasts wobbled together in his grinning face, the tassels whirling at their ends like fucking helicopter blades! Standing up again, as the music began its repeating brassy track once more, and now clad only in her panties and nipple tassels, she began running the fishnet stockings up and down between her thighs, shamelessly.

" Also some other girl with a group, shouting "Whoooosshhh! They'd made my life one big fucking misery for the last two years until school ended. They were always the big hefty, sporty types, and now I was told they were in the club's rugby team. Dave was always big built, and Jason, who has some black blood in him and is a tan color with dark hair, looked even meaner than he used to.

On top of this, that group of 18 to 20 year old little gits who had recently hassled us and shouted things about Mum were there too, being part of the youth club the night was about.Even worse, Dave and Jason came to sit with us at the front corner table, and tried to be friendly to me, remembering stuff about school, etc.Mum was friendly and chatty with them, so I had to grudgingly be so too, or else cause a scene.Then she fed them through under her panties, and ran them up and down under her crotch, raunchily bucking her hips!She let her panties slide down enough to expose her bum, but kept the fishnets stretched, so they lined her arse crack, and like this she bumped and ground like a whore, strutting about to the blaring sassy tune, clenching her arse cheeks to the beat and flicking her pelvis really raunchily!After a bit I could no longer take it, when they began complimenting my Mum and flirting with her in front of me.

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