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I feel that is myself who is lucky for having my niece come into my life and for the hapiness and love she creates!Don't get me wrong, she can be hard work at times but I truly cannot imagine my life without her.

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I think you are a very special person and your niece is very lucky to have you.

Surely you must be able to go above this SW and speak to her office or Supervisor/manager.

i moved house in april of last year as my previous home was too small for 3 children (something the social worker had brought up) i asked could they possibly help with half of the deposit and was refused, i eventually managed to get a loan to cover it.

i informed social worker of my new address (it is across road from old house).

If something is due to you then you should have it and not have to make constant calls again at your expence.

I think that SS have realised that you are not a screamer and shouter and that because you strive to deal with as much as you can without asking for help that they fob you off. Check out our camgirls in free chat now and choose you favourite girl to fulfill your dirty wishes! offers high quality interactive live webcamsex for only 0,99$ / minute with free live times i think i may just be expecting more than i'm entitled to but to be honest it is very rare that i ask for any help, and when i do it is refused.I dont really have any experience or anything useful to help you but didnt want to read and run.i have had to scrimp & save and myself and my own 2 children have often had to go without.

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