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I do however like the attention I get for cloying posts like this one - there's your secret I've never told anyone. Years ago, I attended a party at Stevie Nicks house.Billy Idol was there and a bunch of other celebs and industry folk. Used to hide small bottles of soda water between the towels in her bathroom for after her sessions.

They'd have sex with each other (and others, girls or guys), and do drugs together. Back in 1993, I saw Eric Stoltz and Mary Louise Parker monkeying around late at night in the West Village.

I saw Margo Hemingway's right breast fall out of her blouse at Studio 54. I've seen Maxwell Caulfield nekid, circa 1994 at the BH YMCA locker room and at the carousel showers. He was kinda tickling her and grabbing her while she was struggling to unlock her door and get them inside. This isn't a particular secret or anything, and I imagine most people who might find this at all interesting are probably dead.

Until I saw his name in another thread, I forgot about Jay North (Dennis the Menace). Not knowing who you are talking to creates a wonderful surprise when you find out. Stop planting gossip about yourself in the third person.

He joined the Navy and after he got to boot camp, discovered it wasn't all fun and games. It's one thing to hear about stuff but to actually BE THERE and see it in action. Told this before, I sat next to Greta Garbo on a flight from Athens to Rome and then NYC. We chatted, she shared some nibbles and was quite chatty.[quote]One of the most masculine men ever sucked a trans cock and got fucked by it in another country. Around fifteen years ago, I had sex with this guy at the East Side Club in NYC.

Ed filmed a movie called CHINA MOON in 1994 with Madeline Stowe. A friend of mine (male) fucked Downtown Julie Brown back in the late 80s.

Allegedly - and this is not firsthand but from a friend of Amy's - Ed and Madeline apparently had a big affair uring the filming. He was at a party, started talking to her, they hit it off, and next thing you know they're in a bathroom stall fucking. Maybe no secret, but I worked on the set of A Passage to India and it was a nightmare.

This was back in the 90s, not long after he was married. Jude will tell you, Marlo is the cuntiest cunt who ever cunted. There have been famous people here with their sick children. This fun lark resulted in a pregnancy which was of course terminated. Considering all the affairs we do know about and the fact that he's just had a 5th "surprise" kid, with babymama #3, I can't believe he hasn't figured out how to use condoms yet. One day he made Victor Banerjee cry (very uncomfortable), got into it with Alec Guinness of all people, and said some borderline racist comments about the local extras.

For the boring stuff: My sister knows Nancy Mc Keon, they live (lived? He's often in his neighborhood walking his dogs, riding bikes with his kids, or picking up take-out. Or why he doesn't get a damn vasectomy.[quote]As anyone who works at St. When Judy Davis (who had copped it the most over the shoot) called him out, he referred to her as a piece of 'convict scum' and she launched into the most brilliant, scathing dressing down I've ever witnessed, going in on his fading talent and minimal understanding of the source novel (she did come across as much more intelligent, though he was old at the time), as well as a detailed critique of his previous flop and her mockingly understanding why he'd been 'too shy' to make another film for so long.

I don't feel like googling him.)She took me to a party and it was really crazy. I was sitting on this bench talking to this blonde woman and we were having a great chat, just about stuff, like old girlfriends. She said something like "Oh, fuck," and left the room. She was still married to George Harrison, but had come to the party with Eric Clapton, who was his friend.

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