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Tapleyville emerged in the 1830s as a center for the production of woven carpets where English and Scottish weavers settled and made their homes. This house, first occupied by Jonathan Ingersoll in the 1790s, was bought in 1814 by Cpt.Danvers Plains took advantage of important crossroads and the introduction of the railroad in the 1840s to become the prominent commercial center. Joseph Putnam, uncle of one of the "bewitched girls," lived here in 1692. Israel Putnam, American commander Bunker Hill was born here in 1718. Originally owned in 1636 by Townsend Bishop, this land was occupied by Francis Nurse, whose wife, Rebecca, was accused of witchcraft in April of 1692 and was executed the following July. The house was torn down in 1784 and excavated beginning in 1970. This Georgian style gambrel roof structure was built by Jeremiah Page, early Danvers brickmaker. Thomas Gage, Commander of British forces in North America and Royal Governor of the colony, used the left, front room as his Royal Office. Joseph Peabody for an estate to hide his cargoes from British capture. Endicott, Jr., son of the Secretary of War under Cleveland, transformed the home into a stylish Georgian Revival country mansion in the 1890s.

At the time of the Revolution, Danversport was a shipping and shipbuilding center where tidal mills prospered.

Its local bricks became nationally famous, while the later leather tanning industry brought a diverse and colorful mixture of new immigrant labor to the area.

Known as Salem Village in the 17th century, there are still over a dozen houses in Danvers dating from that era, many associated with the witchcraft tragedy of 1692.

Becoming independent from Salem in 1752, Danvers witnessed the development of various neighborhood villages, each having its era of prominence, and possessing a unique character.

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Photography, The Candid View Photography of Danvers.

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