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A little about NATURE’S GOLD CREAM: This cream is specially developed to give a better and lasting “metallic” look on the skin with gold dust.

The added nourishing oils offer deep skin conditioning and softness to the skin.

🙂 This cream based cleanser has special properties of gold dust and peppermint oil which gives deep cleansing effect while maintaining the softness of the skin. It’s soft granules scrub the skin layer without being harsh on the skin.

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The current craze is for Nature’s Essence facials and the most popular one of them is gold facial. After massaging the cleanser for 4 minutes, the parlour lady wiped everything off my face with a wet cotton.

Now, with my level of inquisitiveness, I gave into gold facial with a little insistence from the parlour “aunty.” 1. She then proceeded to the second step, which is scrubbing.

Again, the aroma is quite pleasant and immediately after scrubbing, I could feel a very light skin.

Next step is the application of GOLD CREAM, which is for massaging purpose.

The parlour lady took a generous amount of the gold cream on to my face and I told I had oily skin, but she said, this is massage cream, and massaged with this cream for around 10 minutes during which time, her mouth was also continuously working…….

SHE FILLED ME WITH GOSSIP OF PEOPLE IN THE 2 KM RADIUS.Added aroma oils soften the skin and add shine and luster to the skin. DIRECTIONS OF USE: Apply the required quantity in a smooth layer on the face. KEY INGREDIENTS: Sesame oil, Orange oil, lemon grass oil, lavender oil.MY OVERALL IMPRESSION OF NATURE’S ESSENCE AROMATHERAPY GOLD KIT/FACIAL: This gold kit is a nice aromatic experience and definitely all the massaging does bring out a slight change, but mind you, the difference it makes is very “slight.” It’s kind of amusing how much fake gold dust they have added to all the scrub and gold gel.After every step, she was wiping my face with a wet cotton to get my face ready for the next step. A little about NATURE’S ESSENCE GOLD GEL: GOLD GEL The oily and sensitive skin is the type where the massage should be given with a product blend of water and moisturizer.This gold gel is the right mix of metallic gold dust, mineral water, and aromatic moisturizer.They charge is anywhere from around 300 to 400 for this particular facial.

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