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You need to know Spanish as soon as you set foot on Spain as all signboards, product labels, important documents, everything is in Spanish.There are many associations, Filipinos and non-Filipinos, which give very cheap language classes.

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In Spain, most Filipinos work in the service sector, restaurant, hotel or domestic work.

To work legally, one has to have residence permit or NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero).

If you’re not Catholic, Spain respect all types of religious denominations so you are also expected to respect other religious teachings may it be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and others which are present in Spain. Pinoy Food Every time we travel or stay abroad, we always look for rice or anything that has rice on it.

Some Spanish food has rice on it, paella and arroz a la cubana. If you are really craving for adobo or sinigang, as always if there is a big number of Filipinos living together, there are always Pinoy restaurants.

The government has adult schools and the famous Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

If you want to be really serious in learning español, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas is a good option.

Some Filipinos in Spain, due to economic crisis, have lost their jobs, about to lose their home or sometimes are in financial difficulty to the point of asking food from the government.

It’s good that in Spain, there are Social Welfare offices which can provide assistance regardless of one’s administrative situation.

To get a NIE, one has to be hired from the country of origin (oferta de trabajo) or live in Spain for a certain number of years and fulfill the different requirements for arraigo social, laboral or familiar. Freebies Most Europeans envy Spain because of the really good weather she has.

Some of them come all the way from colder countries just to enjoy Spain’s beaches and warmer climate.

Another similar document which is padron, should be renewed every two years until you get your permanent residence permit, now called residencia de larga duración.

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