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Conditional comments as mentioned in the last section can be useful for reformatting areas of the page.For example if you have a dropdown menu with sub-navigation in IE6 that will only display using Java Script, you’ll be out of luck trying CSS as a fallback method.So in order to keep rounded corners working for all standard browsers you’ll need to build a fallback with images.

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You could use a similar code like what I’ve added below.

One of the many annoying bugs with Internet Explorer is the deal with opacity.

Another alternative solution you can try is just openly displaying each of the menus in IE6.

You can use Internet Explorer conditional comments to apply stylesheets based on the browser version.

All of these factor into how your webpage will actually render on screen.

When working with new CSS or Java Script tricks you’ll often run into such technical bugs. In this guide I’ve put together some of the most common fallback techniques for web designers focusing on CSS and Java Script/j Query.The only problem is the limited support between web browsers.Many older browsers including Internet Explorer 7 do not support this property.I can give a bit of credit for their latest IE8 and future prospects with IE9.However there is still a small audience running IE6/IE7 and you really can’t ignore them just yet.The only problem with this solution is that Internet Explorer 6 doesn’t support these CSS hover selectors.

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