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Three contestants played in each game, with a solo contestant playing against a team of two related contestants that was referred to as the "family pair".

Created by Steve Ryan for Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions, the first series debuted on NBC on October 27, 1980, and aired until April 23, 1982.

In the first series, a team of two family members competed against a solo contestant.

Following the change, each champion was permitted to stay up to 10 matches.

The limit was later increased to 20 wins, and several previously undefeated 10-time champions were invited to compete again on the show.

Understanding the Game Playing In a Group Playing With Two People Asking Questions Community Q&A Have you ever wanted to ask someone a question, but weren’t sure they would answer?

The game “21 Questions” is a great game to play if you are trying to get to know someone, have a group of friends who want to know more about each other, or have a romantic partner you want to learn more about.

Johnny Olson and Rich Jeffries substituted for Hilton on occasion, with Jeffries taking over for the final two weeks.

Bill Rafferty hosted the 1987 version, with Jeffries announcing the entire run.

Contestants attempted to complete a connection of hexagons to win each round: in red from top to bottom for the solo player, and in white from left to right for the family pair.

The solo player had the advantage of being able to win with as few as four hexagons, while the family pair required at least five. The first contestant to buzz in was given a chance to answer; if a contestant did so before the host finished the question, he stopped reading and the contestant had to answer immediately.

For example, if the letter P was chosen, a sample question might be: "What 'P' is a herbivorous North American mammal whose body is covered with thousands of bristles called quills?

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