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During Season 7, after three years of lockup, Nancy is released to a halfway house in New York City.

She immediately betrays Zoya by trading with Zoya's brother, Demitri: Zoya's stash of stolen grenades, originally stolen from Demitri, for an initial supply of weed.

Complications arise with Esteban's boss Pilar Zuazo at the end of the fifth season, and the family is forced into living on the run from Esteban and his men, as well as the American and Mexican authorities.

Her attempt to shut down an underground tunnel almost leads to her death during the season four cliffhanger.

Nancy takes a break from dealing in season five while building a relationship with Esteban, eventually giving birth to his only son.

Adding complications to the situation, are her sudden relationship with Peter Scottson, a DEA agent who discovers Nancy's business, but takes measures to ensure her safety.

Peter grew increasingly hostile towards Nancy and is eventually killed.

At the start, her regular clients include her accountant, her lawyer, and fellow suburban friends.

However, as she expands and fights for survival, she is confronted with the violent realities of her business as she jockeys against competitors, gangs, and drug lords.

The season six finale has the male Botwins on a plane to Europe, while Nancy goes through with Plan "C", her last possible solution, to keep Esteban away, in which she sacrifices herself to the police, for the sake of her family.

After falsely pleading guilty to manslaughter, Nancy is sentenced to Danbury prison where she maintains a romantic relationship with Zoya, her prison roommate.

Nancy Botwin, née Price (Mary-Louise Parker, leading character)—also known as Lacey La Plante (season two) and Nathalie Newman (season six)—was a PTA soccer mom until her husband, Judah, suddenly died of a heart attack.

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