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The marriage of an adultress promiscuous heterosexual couple who stay together is sacred.The union of a monogamous homosexual couple is not.So, I’m always kind of surprised when I hear from a 5/7 man who is interested in getting to know me, given how important 6 and 7 are to me—particularly in the context of a dating relationship. After all, if they knew who I am and what I’ve been doing for the past 20 something years, that would mean they would have heard me speak or read one of my books and they would be fully convinced and converted 7/7’s, right? There aren’t a lot of places where you’ll hear about it.

Committed couples, marrying, strengthen the fabric of our society, whether they be of mixed race, different religions or of the same sex.

Abusive relationship, married couples who cheat on their vows, neglect their children or tend to claim some unique God-given prerogative because of the path they chose to achieve orgasm is at odds with our undeniable rights as Americans to pursue happiness.

No amount of repression, restrictions, discrimination or persecution will change this.

If the percentages hold true, there are over a million gay men and women serving in militaries around the world, not to mention driving trucks, teaching school, playing football, flying planes and preaching sermons.

If communion were denied every Catholic guilty of taking precautions, there would be a world-wide glut of wafers and wine.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment as it envisions forever.Her major addresses include 10,000 teenagers in Monterrey, Mexico, 75,000 people at World Youth Day in Denver, Colo., 22,000 people at the TWA Dome during the Pope's visit to St.Louis, plus a national seminar for single adults in Uganda, Africa.Before you dismiss those teachings out of hand, I’d like to challenge you to learn more about them—about why we believe what we do, and why we so stubbornly cling to it even in the face of such enormous cultural opposition. Read other books by Catholic authors—there are a lot out there. Blessed John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio would be a good place to start.Look, if you’re here on Catholic Match, I assume that means you are at least somewhat serious about your faith. Learn the “why” behind the “thou shalt nots.” Who knows—it might just change your life. Send your questions to [email protected] Beth Bonacci is an internationally known speaker.The Iraqi quagmire, prisoner abuse, nuclear proliferation, global warming, Aids epidemics, soaring deficits, health care crisis, unfunded mandates, too many children left behind.

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