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The top three we recommend for you—and anyone else looking for a man over 60—are listed below.

Here’s what we found: This online dating site has the largest proportion of singles over age 50, and even larger over 65. e Harmony: Surprisingly, e Harmony does a bit worse on the male user percentage: 43%. Friend Finder: If you’re looking for a man around 60, Friend Finder is the place to be.

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The vouch process helps us make sure we have the best and high quality users.

Concerned about privacy issues associated with online dating? With our ‘Play Invisible’ feature on, you can show your profile only to those you liked.

Luxy has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, ABC, CNBC, CBS, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, to name a few and has been dubbed as 'Tinder for snobs' by CNN.

Luxy has become the leading millionaire matchmaker app and has paired over one million elite singles.

If that doesn’t work out for you, your next steps ought to be e Harmony and Friend Finder.

mark72005 sends this snippet from Wired: "How does a unknown dating site, with the absurd intention of destroying Facebook, launch with 250,000 member profiles on the first day? The site categorizes these unwitting volunteers into personality types, using a facial recognition algorithm, so you can search for someone in your general area who is 'easy going,' 'smug' or 'sly.' ...

Especially when earing that money cuts into family life as a result of being away from the home 12 plus hours per day?

Which dating sites have the most users over age 60, especially males? We checked the information on all of the dating websites we’ve reviewed.

Luxy Look Book allows users to browse even more profiles after they have swiped the day's card quota.

Luxy users have three rounds of ten cards per day and when they're up, members can browse more millionaires at their leisure. Enhance your Luxy experience by joining Luxy BLACK:-Browse profiles invisibly - only those who you have 'liked' will see your profile-Get more cards each day - match with even more millionaires!

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