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His nephew knew his uncle had been interested in the family tree and hoped to find research preserved on the computer system.Instead, he discovered a number of videos featuring his uncle taking part in sexual activities with other men – including the horrific seven-hour film of the encounter with Marshall.Marshall then used Fasoli’s bank card to withdraw hundreds of pounds and he then flew to Italy, where he sent further messages accusing Fasoli of “ignoring” him.

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He was also forcibly injected on multiple occasions.

According to the Met Police, the audio from the video captures the sounds of Fasoli shouting at Marshall as he smothered him with sheets of cling film.

The jury at the Old Bailey in London heard how Marshall set up a rendezvous via a gay dating site with Fasoli at his Ealing home.

Marshall tortured him for a prolonged period before suffocating him.

The pair talked for a time before engaging in what appeared to be consensual role-playing based on police interrogation techniques before Marshall initiated what became a prolonged and violent domination of Fasoli, which culminated in his murder.

The video captured Fasoli being threatened at knifepoint.After the hard-drive was discovered, the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command launched its investigation into Fasoli’s murder in November 2014, and later discovered that Marshall was in prison in Italy having been convicted and jailed for a murder and subsequent attempted murder of two men in Rome just weeks after he fled the UK.These incidents also took place in the context of sexual encounters.Fasoli is then pulled off the bed and out of view of the camera.However, despite Fasoli clearly being distressed, Marshall ignores his cries.He then committed arson in a bid to hide the evidence of the brutal murder and stole his victim’s credit card using it to flee to Italy a few days after the murder.

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