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But thanks to advances in electronic circuitry and technology, they have gotten smaller, more sophisticated — and more popular, he says.

PSAPs have not been approved as a medical device by the Food and Drug Administration; they are classified as wearable electronic products for occasional, recreational use by consumers who are not hearing impaired. For several years the marketing executive missed out on conversations in restaurants and at parties.

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Devices cost an average of $250 to $350 each, compared with hearing aids, which range from $1,000 to $3,000 each.

PSAPs have actually been around "for a while," says Robert Sweetow, professor of otolaryngology at the University of California, San Francisco.

"The Bean works better than my hearing aids in most settings except presentations," says William de Groot, a retired pulmonologist in Galveston, Texas, who tested the Bean for AARP.

One version comes with a T-coil that is compatible with hearing loops, thin strands of copper wire installed around the perimeter of living rooms, churches, theaters, museums and airports that help hearing aid users compensate for poor acoustics.

A newer model from Sound World Solutions, the Sidekick, is designed in the style of an unobtrusive behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Syncs with smartphones "Like most other Bluetooth headsets, our products let you take phone calls directly through the device and stream music or audio from your phone to the device," says Shawn Stahmer, vice president of business development for Park Ridge, Ill.-based Sound World Solutions. In 2010, a virus caused the New York composer to lose all the usable hearing in his right ear.My husband tried the Bean at the Metropolitan Opera in HD and was amazed at how well he could hear the music. "If someone simply needs a little boost in loudness, why should they pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids when they can get something like this? Cathie Gandel is a freelance writer based in Bridgehampton, N. The Commission holds public meetings throughout the year at different locations.Bernheimer tried the Scoop when he and his wife were waiting for their table at a restaurant. That's the main concern expressed by audiologists and hearing health professionals: that in the rush to get low-cost hearing help, a potentially debilitating condition might go unexamined."I put the Scoop in my ear and when my wife started talking, I told her she didn't have to shout," Bernheimer says. A professional hearing test can determine if your hearing loss is simply age-related or the result of another medical cause, which can range from ear wax to a tumor. "Getting a PSAP is not a substitute for going to a professional," says Gail Gudmundsen, an audiologist and managing director of sales and marketing at Etymotic Research Inc., the Elk Grove Village, Ill., company that makes the Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier.In addition, staff reports are prepared for each item and posted on the Commission's website once they are finalized.

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