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Each barrel was loaded with 4 drams of Swiss No 2 and 2 1/2 oz of shot.

We laid a short trail of powder to one touch hole and lighted it with a gas lighter which produced a double discharge as there was some powder scattered about.

If you right click & ‘save image’ from the normal web page you will get an image of (for the J LANG 14 bore for example) 94 KBytes, if you left click on the image and download from the larger image that comes up on a blank screen you’ll get about 573 KBytes, which is what I uploaded to the website – if I send you the original cropped image it is 8.257 MBytes with a horizontal count of 5885 pixels !

___________________ DIARY _____________ _________ 8th Jan. I took the Manton barrel to Dick’s this afternoon to be proof tested so that I can be confident to shoot it when the opportunity arises.

At least I can now be confident that the Manton won’t explode when used with normal loads ( 2 1/2 drams and 1 or 1 1/4 oz).

I collected the fore-end Dick had sorted for Bev – to be honest I didn’t recognise it as the same fore-end I’d given him, it looked like one from a new gun – I don’t know how he does such good chequering on such unpromising material. Richards flintlock – it looks perfect, and I am assured that nothing will shift it short of blowing up the barrel!Guns, even antiques, can be dangerous and if you don’t know what you are doing get expert help.Many antique guns are of historic and/or financial value, and its your responsibility to find out if what you want to do will damage their value."More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads.One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction.My main concern was/is with flintlocks that they may be a conversion or a bodged job and the touch holes may blow out as a missile – I have similar concerns about the nipples in percussion guns, but they are easy to check/repair if they look dodgy, whereas you can’t investigate the touch hole.

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