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In May of 1984, he was nominated as dean of business administration at K-State. He has also seen to the improvement of the student counseling environment. Deans 73 eans: K-State leaders Graduate B; ►eing in the kitchen allows Robert Kruh to use cooking as an enjoyable creative outlet.

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"One of the first things we undertook to do was to in crease the level of faculty activity in seeking outside grant support," Kruh said.

"At this stage of the game, I believe it's fair to say the level has been expanded very dramatically." College of Engineering For the past 14 years, Donald Rathbone, dean of the College of Engineering, has witnessed great growth in his college and has seen the completion of Durland Hall.

Pohlman completed his bachelor's degree in 1967, and received his master's in 1969, both from K-State.

Pohlman completed his doctoral degree at Oklahoma State University in 1976 and then came to K-State as an assistant professor in finance. Theodore 90, 166, 335 Valdeck, Elizabeth 140, 366 Valden, Geoffrey 375 Valden.

It's been rewarding because Kruhj has had a hand in making the graduate office an impor-j tant, functioning part of the University. Kirk 2f Voss, Leanne 3 Voss, Rene 3 Voss, Royalyn 3 Voth, Kim r Voth, Lori 21 Voth, Michael 3( Voth, Patty 21 Voth, Stephanie U Voth, Vern 166, 3( 464 Index i/addle, Julie 451 /ade, Stephen 451 Vagener, Mark 451 /agencr, Su^an 90.451 /aggoner, Dena 324 Vaggy.

I "I really saw the graduate position here at K-State as| one that could allow for graduate programs to work across the span of the University. Debby i] Voigts, Jennifer 31 Volleyball 174-1' Volmert, Russell 4* Von Filing. Our program is constantly under review and changes all the time," he said. by Tama Erickson Xlis is family is the place David Byrne has found the most pleasur- able and reward- ing experiences and where the sense of belonging and support is understood and respected. u Student Life Academics & Organizations 64 Sports 172 Housing 274 i Li Jjui Vi! ^ *^.'*' ' a^'l ■ m-i "\ ■V: «;■ '^, B Royal Purple April 1986-March 1987 Volume 78 Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas 66506 Copyright 1987, Student Publications, Inc. Kansas State 's new President, Jon Wefald, was a driv- ^ force behind the many "changes at K-State. Index 454 Closing 478 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation i£r'- i *%'*i*^-^ ■■■■•■ - , ■■ • 'f " Sir V ■■^* *'l^-^"% * .;■■ *^ . " "We re going to bring back pride to Kansas State, ' ' Wefald IS Day and the Knights have students "shoufing dur- 9 the Sept. IVIanhattan was one of the stops in the "Toga irty Tour. "(Photo by Jeff Turtle) Doug Oetinger, a Moore Hall resident, studies while camping out for Wildcat Basl i -*, College of Business College of Education Dean of Education David Byrne came to K-State in 1984 because he was recruited by the Manhattan com- munity. M., where he had served as dean of education for New Mexico State University.

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