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Note that other firms (as well as the crew in-house) did some wiring for Hiwatt at various times throught the company history, because Joyce would only produce a limited amount of chassis each month (20...40; accounts vary).An important item to remember is that the date that the wiring crew put on the amplifiers was the date that they completed wiring the chassis for Hiwatt, not the date of final manufacture of that unit.All units manufactured by Hylight Electronics from 1966 to 1981 had a serial number plate like the ones in the pictures below attached to the metal chassis of the amplifier.

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The Hylight/Biacrown transistion numbers are particularly vague, as Biacrown likely used up the existing supply of Hylight plates before ordering their own.

These dates will be revised from time to time as data from the Hiwatt Registry page and other sources accumulates.

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