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Her mom, actress Michelle Phillips, was also on Oprah, and in recent years she has developed extremely noticeable androgenetic alopecia.

Debra Messing – There are pictures of her with a wide part.

Pictures came out of her last year that show that she’s either experiencing Telogen Effluvium (temporary hair loss), or Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic hair loss).

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Adrianne Curry – Recently I saw this “America’s Next Top Model” winner on the show “Pretty Hurts” and her hair now looks like it’s thinning. Amber Rose – She’s not actual balding, but she shaves her head as a fashion statement.

Bethenny Frankel – On the few episodes I’ve caught of her various reality shows, I noticed she has a slightly wide part in the front and a little bald spot.

Erin Moran – from “Happy Day.” I saw her on a show a few years ago and she had obvious overall hair thinning and genetic hair loss.

Fergie– Fergie has a wide part and overall hair thinning.

I used to think this, but I’ve come to realize celebrities have hair loss too – but we usually don’t know about it.

And this is a good thing because there is hope for all of us to have red carpet hair if we choose it (or can afford it).

You would think celebrities would experience hair loss more than the average person.

They live hectic lives, most actresses and models are very thin so they obviously don’t eat a lot, and many of them wear hair extensions which can cause permanent hair loss from traction alopecia.

Not a day goes by that I am not tempted to shave all my hair off and say “fuck it.” Britney has worn extensions for years and I think it’s caused traction alopecia all over her head. With all that money – why doesn’t she pay to get better hair? She sports different hairpiece toppers all the time in her different red carpet photos. Chynna Phillips – The Wilson Phillips singer has always had a high hairline (in the 90s you couldn’t tell because she had bangs).

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