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Line also has a feature, called a Snap movie, that users can use to record a stop motion video and add in provided background music.Line also has the possibility to create "Hidden Chats", giving the user the ability to set a timer after which messages disappear from both involved devices and Line servers.i OS tablets (October 2014), and as a Chrome Browser Application (via the Chrome Web Store).

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On 6 February 2013, the success of Line led NHN Japan to announce a new spinoff company named Line Corporation which continues to develop Internet resources such as Line, the Naver Japan search portal, and the Livedoor ISP and blog platform.

Games, including those for the Line Game brand, remain under the auspices of Hangame Japan.

Line Corporation announced its games had been downloaded 200 million times worldwide.

Line Friends are featured characters that are shown in stickers of the application.

By 18 January 2013, Line had been downloaded 100 million times worldwide.

Line is an application that works on multiple platforms and has access via multiple personal computers (Windows or mac OS).

The application also exists in versions for laptop and desktop computers using the Microsoft Windows and mac OS platforms. In March 2011, the Tōhoku earthquake damaged Japan's telecommunications infrastructure nationwide, obliging employees at NHN Japan, a unit of South Korea's NHN Corporation, to rely on Internet-based resources to communicate.

The company's engineers developed Line to facilitate this, and the company released their app for public use in June.

User can see a real-time confirmation when messages are sent and received or use a hidden chat feature, which can hide and delete a chat history after a time set by the user.

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