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Over the next fifteen years the company systematically built railroads across the swamp and logged the cypress trees of the northern and western Okefenokee.

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Roads and forts were built around the perimeter of the swamp, and Georgia militia and U. That Seminole band abandoned the swamp in 1838, but skirmishes continued to occur along the Georgia-Florida boundary as late as 1840.

Settlers moved into the areas east, north, and west of the swamp after the land lottery of 1820.

Daniel Hebard, the son of the Hebard Lumber Company's founder, built a hunting cabin in the hammock on Floyds Island in 1925.

Family and friends camped on the island during the following decade, usually hunting ducks.

A caretaker named Billy Spaulding lived in a hut on the island.

During this period writers and naturalists were also permitted to camp in the cabin on Floyds Island Hammock.They built a sawmill and purchased steamboats and steam logging equipment in an effort to raise money by harvesting the cypress timber. In 1899 the property was sold to the family of Captain Henry Jackson of Atlanta, the canal company's former president.Charles Hebard and his sons purchased the Jackson property in 1901.The Atlantic and Gulf Railroad from Savannah was built a few miles north of the Okefenokee by the start of the Civil War (1861-65).Another railroad, from Brunswick to Albany, passed north of the swamp in 1870.The Okefenokee Swamp covers nearly 700 square miles, almost all of which is in Georgia.

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