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@Kensington Royal #HIVTest Week BEO6u R — Terrence Higgins Trust (@THTorguk) November 15, 2017 ‘Although HIV is treatable today, I didn’t understand at what cost to my life expectancy.‘Before beginning treatment, I recall asking my HIV consultant, ‘how long have I got left’.

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But those living with HIV/AIDS deserve a fair shot at love too. Here are five dating sites for the HIV man or woman who is looking for love.

1) Black Poz Black Poz is a subsidiary of Positive Singles.

‘My first instinct was to laugh, because I thought I had misheard or it was some sort of joke,’ he said.

‘I left the doctors that day catatonic and numb – life as a HIV positive man – and found myself crying down the phone to a friend, just managing to utter the word ‘positive’.’ He now realises his first reaction to fear the worst was not how things needed to be.

The main challenge he’s now facing is outdated attitudes from other people.

Chris O’Hanlon can talk about his HIV status with good humour now – knowing that effective treatment means he can’t pass on the virus.

Well over 8,000 people have already tested with one of our free HIV postal tests. Kpod AQwj H #HIVTest Week — It Starts With Me (@startswith_me) November 20, 2017 ‘Some people also say they don’t date or sleep with people ‘like me’, to which my response is ‘that you know of’,’ the clinical hypnotherapist and personal trainer from Luton said.

‘The truth is they may have slept with people who have HIV and don’t know it or even guys who know their status but haven’t said for fear of rejection, because there are a lot of gay men who remain undiagnosed.

African-Americans are the most affected by HIV in the United States. It isn’t easy finding your soul mate when you are completely healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2015, Black people in the country accounted for 45 percent of all HIV diagnoses, despite comprising just 12 percent of the U. Add on the fact that you have an incurable disease and it may seem downright impossible.

‘There is still so much stigma out there that needs confronting, especially in the gay community,’ he said.

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