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RENTING: As you’ll notice, the range is kinda wide.But that’s because when it comes to housing we could be talking about anything from a studio/flat to a multi-story home.So whether or not you are willing to shop the outdoor marketplaces, which can be less organized and not air-conditioned like the supermarket will affect whether you save on groceries or not.

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Things have finally calmed down here after a big of local and online drama so, let’s take a look at this. And what sort of lifestyle are they looking to live? For instance, most large grocery stores here such as Alturas rarely carry milk.

The first thing we have to look at is the definition of ‘living’, whether it be here or anywhere else. Even in California there’s a big budget difference between Beaumont and Beverley Hills, even if you’re just looking at basic food, housing and transportation alone. You’ll find powdered milk and soy milk, but rarely if ever will you find real cow-milk. You can still get milk at the larger membership grocery stores, although it will generally be more expensive than what you’re accustomed to.

Unless you are in a tourist area, at a typical BBQ stand you can get several large pieces of chicken, half a dozen skewers of pork, some hanging rice and a drink for about $3.50.

I’ve had 6 Lumpia, a bowl of chicken/rice porridge, a hard-boiled egg and drink for $1.50 at the marketplace.

I went there in January and again last month, I love that place. Another great place to eat is Manang Fe’s, just down the street from the Grand Mall, also on Mactan. So, between some smart shopping at the grocery store, a bit of shopping at the merkado, a little dining out once in a while and some street-bbq..

I’d say groceries are about the same with no major savings ‘overall’ on a monthly basis.Along those lines, same for cheese or any other real dairy product.Artificial cheese, yah, that you can find but real cheese and your best bet is the membership places like S&R Membership Stores.Between the two, I always choose Jollibee over Mc Donald’s only because I simply can’t stand Mc D’s on any continent. Other people seem to prefer Ronald over the Jollibee, and that keeps the lines somewhat shorter at Jollibee’s for me.Of the major fast-food franchises I’d say that the best bang-for-your-buck are to be found either at KFC or Chow King.It’s not ‘fantastic’ but it’s a decent snack to hold you over while cruising the mall.

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