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You may place a classified ad by phoning (570) 348-9157 or click here.A: About 80 percent of the print edition is posted online.Most local news stories are automatically posted to our website, but syndicated columnists, national news stories and graphics that appeared in print usually do not make it into the online edition.You may also call our classifieds department at 1-800-228-46.A: Corrections to classified ads can be made by calling our classified advertising department at 1-800-228-46.5271 Photo Reprints [email protected] Receptionist 570-348-9116 [email protected] 570-348-9121, Fax: (570) 348-9135 [email protected], Fax: (570) 348-9135 News, Metro editor Metro [email protected] 570-207-3445 Lifestyles [email protected] Business Section [email protected] ext.

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