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She said in an introductory video that she’s working 24/7 to provide for her kids because, “Ultimately, family is all you have.

If everything went to s**t and it was the end of the world all you’re going to have is your kids.” But what she didn’t expect was to be up against her own family!

He later claimed that He also appeared in the syndicated TV series Solid Gold during the 1980s as a comedian.

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As for Metoyer and his son, Wade called the child a “blessing” and said he was moving on.

It’s not known whether Wade supports Metoyer and his son financially, but she’s raising Xavier by herself.

In 1996, he produced Waynehead, a short-lived cartoon for the WB, loosely based on his own childhood growing up in a large family, starring a poor boy with a club foot. From 1997 to 1998, he was the executive producer of 413 Hope St., a short-lived drama on the FOX network starring Richard Roundtree and Jesse L. In 1998, he starred in the short-lived comedy TV series Damon, in which he played a Chicago detective. In 1999, his New York Times bestselling book Bootleg with co-author David Asbery was published; it is a humorous compilation of his observations about family.

Wayans starred in the ABC comedy series My Wife and Kids from 2001 to 2005.

When asked about the mother of his children having another child with Wade, he expressed his wish for the publicity to stay clear of his daughters. and Metoyer, as he said the girls love their little brother.

Dwayne Wade has two children from his first wife and he’s now married to Gabrielle Union.

If someone lands a spot on the explosive reality show Basketball Wives, you know the person has a flair for drama. Damon Wayans Jr., the son of Damon Wayans who currently stars in the Lethal Weapon TV reboot, comes from the Wayans family that boasts some amazing comedic and acting genes. and Metoyer were reportedly childhood sweethearts and dated for a while.

When the VH1 show returned last month with a reshuffled cast, Aja Metoyer was one of them. He hasn’t been married, but is a father to two beautiful little girls. They have two daughters who have been kept out of the public eye as much as possible. The girls are often seen with their father and grandfather.

Metoyer’s sisters, Melissa and Cristen, are also on the show courtesy of Aja.

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