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Our philosophy goes back to the cave ages that men want the younger and more attractive women, and women want the man with the bigger and more sheltered cave.Thousands of successful men and beautiful women who accept that philosophy already joined us.

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The loser gets punished by Kelly Divine's big booty and massive tits in a slapping, spitting sex match.

She got excited and told to meet her later and she would let me finger fuck her pussy.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you, I’m just already scheming how I can get back to France…For example, what the ever loving fuck is wrong with our bathroom stalls?

The winner fucks Lexi's tight, top-notch box...balls-deep!

He usually brings work home from the office, so that he and I can have dinner together and, you know, spend our quality time together and stuff.

Now usually he doesn't get to his work until well after dinner, because he and I usually can't stop from getting it on at least once before or during dinner.

But I still hadn't found the limit for his lust for me (bless his heart). I'll order in a pizza for us, if you want, or did you eat already?

Putting my shopping bag and purse on the kitchen counter, I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Deer Park (best damn water on earth) then stepped to his side to look over his shoulder. "Looks pretty complicated, Daddy, I'd offer to help, but I doubt I could." He swung his head around his shoulder and gave me a toothy grin. " "I'm not really hungry," I shrugged, opening the water and taking a swig.

" "You got that fucking right." I kissed my 45-year-old father on his temple, putting my hand on his shoulder.

Instantly I felt his hand slide up my low-rise jeans and rest on my asscheek, his fingers gently curving around my butt and grope it.

But tonight I was getting home later than normal, because I went to the mall with my pals Cherrie and Dominic, so I guess he just dove into his work early.

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