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Like on ” is a popular question-and-answer website and app where teens go, as a 2013 CNET article by Jennifer Van Grove put it, “to escape the built-in accountability of Facebook.” It allows anyone to post comments and questions to a user’s profile.

“Want to know more about your best friend or your crush?

“Everything from jewelry to silverware to furniture to magazine subscriptions.” The sink shot: When a girl takes a selfie in a bathroom mirror, often in a thong, and poses with her behind propped against the sink, so that it will appear larger.

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“There are studies showing that kids now are less able to have a conversation and make eye contact. Well, whenever you have a situation in which people are dehumanized, women and girls suffer more. It becomes easier [for boys] to see someone as a thing, rather than a person.” Case in point: the widespread demands for nude photos, sometimes by a crush or boyfriend, but often just from a random guy at school.

(“Snapchat me that p—y if it’s cool” goes the refrain in the Yo Gotti song “Down in the DM [Direct Message]” wherein a man messages another man’s girlfriend requesting nudes after seeing a photo of her BMW on Instagram.) “They have conversations with boys who [ask for nudes] and they think, ‘Maybe this is how I have a relationship,’ ” Sales says.

It’s this world — a chaotic mix of nude photos, cyber-bullying and dysfunctional relationships — that author Nancy Jo Sales ventured into when researching her new book, “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers” (Knopf).

Sales has been studying the lives of American teenagers since the 1990s.

It’s not an occasional hobby, and most of the teens Sales spoke to told of how they were “addicted,” “obsessed” and “couldn’t stop” looking at their phones.

“For most American girls, social media is where they live,” writes Sales, who spoke to over 200 girls ages 13-19 from Manhattan to Florida, Arizona, Texas and Kentucky.

Tinder food stamps: Using the dating app to exchange sex for free meals and other items, a sort of soft prostitution that has become normalized by social media.

“Some sugar babies have Amazon Wish Lists where they tell their sugar daddies what they would like to have,” Sales writes.

You’ll read an article about ‘sexting rings’ but what these articles miss is that it’s not at just one school. It’s become so common.” Other aspects of teen culture Sales discusses in the book: slut pages, where nude photos of a girl, originally sent to one boy, are distributed to others — i.e., a sexting ring — and then posted on Instagram accounts like “[Name of School] Hotties” or “[Name of Town] Hos” for everyone to view and comment on, often dismissively.

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