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In March 2012, Crystal Castles announced their relocation to Warsaw to begin recording their third album.A fan's video of the band's June 9 performance at Parklife 2012 was uploaded to You Tube, boasting the first appearance of new song "Plague", "Sad Eyes" was the album's 3rd single, released January 2013. label promised a 5th single, "Telepath", for a late 2013 release but this did not materialize due to the label having lost touch with the band members.

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Shortly after, this choice was criticized by former member Alice Glass: Crystal Castles' musical style has been described as "ferocious, asphyxiating sheets of warped two-dimensional Gameboy glitches and bruising drum bombast that pierces your skull with their sheer shrill force, burrowing deep into the brain like a fever." To listen to Crystal Castles, according to the BBC, "is to be cast adrift in a vortex of deafening pain without a safety net.

You get the feeling you could do anything in the world, but that 'anything' would ultimately mean nothing." Crystal Castles have headlined numerous tours in the U. They have played many festivals including Ireland's 20 Oxegen Festival, All Points West Festival 2009 in New Jersey, Coachella Valley and Music Festival 20 in Indio, California, as well as the Heineken Open'er Festival 2009 in Gdynia, Poland and the Reading and Leeds Festivals in England, August 2007, 2008, 20 In May 2008, Crystal Castles headlined the NME New Noise tour across the UK.

The album included 4 singles: "Plague", "Wrath of God", "Sad Eyes" and "Affection".

Glass announced her departure from the band in October 2014, citing personal and professional reasons.

Although this is the end of the band, I hope my fans will embrace me as a solo artist in the same way they have embraced Crystal Castles." In October 2017, on her official website, Glass accused Kath of sexual, physical and mental abuse in explanation of her departure the band.

The accusations detail the abuse starting when Glass was 15 and began recording with Kath, and escalated until her eventual departure from Crystal Castles.

This resulted in the track "Alice Practice", which was initially shelved for six months but garnered much attention when finally posted online.

The pair then decided to formally become a group, picking out stage names together, with the name 'Crystal Castles' pulled from a line in the cartoon She-Ra: Princess of Power: "The fate of the world is safe in Crystal Castles." Later in the year Lies Records collected most of the vinyl singles and released them on CD and 12" vinyl for the first time, along with many previously unreleased tracks and 3 songs recorded just for the collection which made their debut album.

Between the onstage tantrums, artistic plagiarism, and show-cancelling hissy fits, it's been easy to forget that glitch-punkers and all-around generals in the loudness war Crystal Castles also make good music.

Their 2008Â self-titled debut excellently split the difference between berating and blissful, and not many other bands can turn a bunch of strobe lights and onstage thrashing into a captivating live show.

The album was moderately successful charting in the UK at number 48, the US at number 188 and number 25 in Australia.

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