Council tax benefit backdating regulations

If you are not eligible to claim Council Tax Support because you are not on a low income yourself but have another adult in the property who is on a low income you may be able to claim Second Adult Rebate, which is a reduction based on their circumstances.

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As a result Erewash Borough Council have implemented an 8.5% cut on the Council Tax Support that is awarded minus any Non-Dependant deductions.

All other claims are ' means tested' which takes into account all income and capital these claims will also be subject to an 8.5% reduction on any Council Tax Support that is awarded. If you or your partner have "earned income" (that is, wages, salary or profits from a business), deductions are made for Tax, National Insurance and half of any pension contributions made.

Please bear in mind that you have to be resident in the property to receive Council Tax Support, however in certain circumstances discounts, exceptions and benefit can be awarded whilst you are absent away from home.

Any entitlement to Council Tax Support will be based on the eligible Council Tax.

A claim can only be backdated for up to three months for Pension Credit age customers (this is automatically granted however proof of income / capital for this period must be supplied), providing you meet the conditions of entitlement throughout the period.

There is no need to demonstrate 'good cause' in these cases. UK can also be of assistance that covers a wide variety of Benefits and Financial Support.

Good cause must be demonstrated for the whole of the period you are requesting the backdate.

Backdating limit is 6 months for those aged under Pension Credit age.

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If you have more than one reason for not claiming sooner, you must tell us about all those reasons.

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