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But he came back better than ever and made it onto season 4, snagging an Emmy nomination for his performance of “Mercy” with Katee Sheen.

He stuck around the whole season and was runner-up.

What is the best thing a girl can do to let her crush know she’s into them?

Honestly, and this is me speaking from a guy’s perspective, just saying SOMETHING is enough. You don’t have to be smooth unless that’s your personality.

"I felt so comfortable," she remembers, "and after that, I owned it." Today, Williams, 28, is doing Saucy Stripe (my name, not hers).

Open in 2002, Strawberry Ice (strawberry for the color, ice for the Harry Winston Diamonds), then, at a tournament in L. While Williams rocked a slick black Puma number on court at the 2002 U. Open, in the locker room beforehand, she was not so confident. (Henin recommended a more traditional skirt and top.) But the rest, as they say, is history.Like, I think we just get so caught up in it, like it has to be this like epic thing. It is because, you know, unless a guy is really stuck on himself, he’s not really gonna be expecting that. You just come up with something smooth or clever, that’s great, but just like being able to walk up and say “Hey, I’m feeling your style. But like, you making the action is of saying something at all is already epic within itself. Just walking up to someone and saying like “Hey, what’s going on? I’d just love to talk to you” or “I think you’re beautiful,” that within itself is epic. As a Southerner, I was so excited to talk to someone from the South who made it big!t Witch is from Montgomery, Alabama and didn’t let his roots hold him back at all.Just really, really, really love what you do and the rest will kind of take care of itself to be quite honest.

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